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Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Face Fear, Deal with Suicide Attempts and Heal

It is not easy to deal with fear or the potential worst case scenario especially when your life is spiraling downward.  There is an easier solution to this rather than caving in completely and losing it or quitting altogether followed by an attempt to take your own life.  The healing process must aggressively happen and sometimes it takes putting yourself into the darkness to begin to move forward.

The biggest issue that leads to a diagnosis of a mental or behavioral health disorder, is the mere fact that the past regressions of fears, hurts, or failures and avoidance of assumed negatives has never been faced or realized by the person diagnosed with the disorder.

Dr. Marcus Hart is a Mental Health Coach and Transformation Mentor.  As a junior in high school he noticed changes in his behavior that were self-destructive.  These behaviors were due to regression of dealing with being a victim of sexual, verbal, and physical abuse.  The behaviors snowballed into suicide attempts after his Iraq War deployment with the army in 2007.  Since 2012, Dr. Hart has completely recovered and now seeks to help many through: motivational/inspirational talks, books, course programs, and coaching and/or mentoring.  Visit marcushartandassociates.com for more information.

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