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Thursday, December 22, 2016

One reason we always fall behind

 "If you don’t have a vision for your future you will always return to your past."

We can easily become very delayed in advancing in our life's mission and purpose when we are constantly procrastinating or allowing distractions to make our natural creative nature to envision the glimpse of what we want our future to look like. We must allow ourselves to take a seat at the table and begin to map out the next day as a start. Once we make it a habit to map out a day ahead we can try to map out an entire week. With practice and dedication we will eventually be able to map out months and years. 

It doesn't have to be anything extra perfect nor systematic. Our thoughts can draw better conclusions when it is forced to collaborate with our the desires and passions of our hearts. The magic begins once we exercise the power within ourselves to maximize and magnify the very things our soul already quenches to do while it is contracted to the human shells we dwell in during this reality. Rally to be great. Think possible and be possible while you are still here.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Facebook Public Group Back Up

School starts soon...get enrolled to be equipped for #2017


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Free Speak Audio Available

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Any Book Promotion Ideas?


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Any Ideas On Book Promotion?
Asked by Shawn Woods on Oct 27, 2016
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I am a first time author. My book is titled "I was a Mistake." Using social media to get the word out on my book is not easy. I have one really good review in Amazon, but hope to get more people to read my story on my abuse and how it shaped my life. It was written to help others too.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

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Marcus Hart from Marcus Hart Enterprises
Answered on Saturday, November 5, 2016
Outside of reviews and social media; I would recommend growing your email list and then starting a virtual book tour with a promotion. Find out exactly what specific demographic you are writing to and then research threads on various online sites what they are interested in and where they are going so you can perhaps go there to speak or simply attend and hand out a business card or small promo item once you have made a significant connection with a potential buyer. Try to also get you around 1,000 copies of your book to give out for free with the promise that you will sign it if they enjoy it for discount of what the retail price is. This to also give reviewers and event organizers for speaking opportunities. Blessings..

Friday, October 21, 2016

Marcus Hart speaks Thinking Possible for Friday Inspiration 2

We struggle to understand the importance and realization that there are many possibilities in which we can tap into to live out our intended purpose. Marcus Hart is the author of Think Possible. Be Possible. Visit https://www.thinkpossiblebepossible.com for more information or httsp://www.marcushartenterprises.com

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Interview with Jovantae Phifer

Just recently added to the Transform U Live Media Broadcast Network​  Recording Archive. Play and listen using this link or by visiting transformubroadcast.com and signing up for a FREE membership!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Interview with Joanne Kaminski Recording_Visual

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Obama addresses the Illinois General Assembly

Obama talks respect between party lines and voter participation

Today President Obama took a visit back home to address the Illinois General Assembly. Armed with a sense of humor to make light of a serious discussion and drive home important points, Obama was in line with the type of legacy he wants to leave behind. If over the years you are as turned off with the political games and the back and forth childish attacks on the sides of each two dominant parties, then Obama's message and vision of what he hopes many state officials would adopt was one that could possibly give you some ounce of hope. A lot of us will not agree with the policies of the Obama Administration and we may go as far to say that his constant nonstop battle with the U.S. Congressional Republicans have not been the ideal model of what bipartision looks like. However, the theme throughout his talk today was about finding common ground between the two parties to be able to get things done for the American people.  He makes several references to Abraham Lincoln throughout the talk also.  Feel free to construct your own assessment of a much needed discussion as I dissect it and provide important elements of the talk. 

"Finding common ground between the two parties..."

"We must create respect between the parties.."

[Elected officials all must focus on and be concerned with] "...passing budgets, educating the kids, making the streets safe..."

Obama joked but was very serious in driving the point of [creating the atmosphere where settling differences must happen] "...to achieve self governance... which is important..." Obama also mentioned how when an elected official agrees with the opposite party that they are usually cruificied by their own party members. 

Obama summarizes how politicians are sometimes convicted and led into making "blanket promises" to their party and consitituents. He states that "blanket promises" on issues such as war, taxes, and unions and businesses; caused the consitituents to ultimately be lied to once the official has made it into office and can't deliver on those promises. Obama says in summary, that [the environment for] "...union and corporate bashing...[has divided the country when in reality America can't function without protection to both the worker and corporation].

"Trends will not change overnight and if they could I would of did it with an executive order" jokingily says Obama

The President ends the talk with two concluding points:

1st Point : "Reduce the influence of money in politics"

"150 families has spent more on this presidential [election] more than some corporations..."

"...voices shouldn't be drowned out by others because of money..."

President Obama proceeds further on this issue by stating in summary that amending the constitution in regards to the money contributions to politics would eliminate the influence of money in politics.

2nd point - "...Rethinking how we draw out our Congressional districts..."

"...unfair boundaries drawn by parties.."

"...[as of a result] fewer or more districts [or fewer or more voters in one area giving a candidate an unfair advantage; in worst cases some candidates has won the election even with less votes] by packing the lines..."

"...politicians shouldn't be able to pick their voters...voters should pick their politicians..." [Very excellent point by the President; definitely something I can agree with.]

3rd Point - "...Increasing voters and modernizing the voting process and system (make it easier)..."

"...make the voting experience better..." [it is truly an outdated system]

"...Illinois has [taken the lead on this by allowing voters the ability to register and vote on same day of election]..."

"...early voting increases...[expand it]..."

"...[a system should be insitituted where it] automatically register voters when they get a DMV driver's license..."

"...[let's focus on increasing] voter participation and experience..."

"...[we need to] eliminate [the mindset of the politician focused only on] short gain..." [Are you the voice of all or just yourself?]

"...[let's] set up a fair system..." [one that respects full voter participation and all candidates on the ballot]

"...[we as elected officials has to change]...[we work with the people]..."

"..our children watches us [as we are insulting, lying on each other, and other childish tactics]..."

"...[let's not only think about how we treat people in public but] how do you treat people generally..."

"...[we as leaders have to start to] live up to the people's expectations..."

"...[let's remember and] act how our parents taught us to act..."

"...insist to do better from each other..."

"...[if] 99% of us voted it wouldn't matter how much the 1% spent..."

"...[we must] insist on a higher form of political discourse..."

"...[representing true] patriotism..." 

"...we are not enemies, we are friends..." Obama's reference to  Abraham Lincoln

Obama finishes the talk by saying "The job of being a citizen in America is something we should revere and take serious..."

"...a house divided cannot stand..." Obama's reference to Abraham Lincoln

"...we can't be a nation of half-slave and half-free..." Another reference to Abraham Lincoln by Obama

Here is a summarized excerpt of how President Obama finishes this talk:

"...[What makes us Americans is that we have launched mighty movements to closed gaps and form the more perfect union]

[We must choose that type of politics where we can reach across the aisle to work to get things done and not one of fear]...Thank you...God Bless America..."

What are your thoughts in regards to this talk by the President in Illinois. Please leave your comments below and share this article with a friend. We must continue to rally forward hold ourselves and the leaders accountable for the present moments and future.

Marcus Hart

Author/Divinity Coach



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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Was it Only a Halftime Show?

Homosexuality, racial equality for Blacks, and all other claims of subliminal politics during the halftime show? It seems no one enjoyed the entertainment part of the show. We are being led and tempted to ask questions from simply watching a traditional part of the American sport of football. What was it exactly being promoted during the halftime show?

It is becoming very obvious with even the most enjoyable parts of our shared American culture, that this country has began to become completely divided on different various issues. Especially in regards to human rights and justice. It's kind of sickening just sitting back and looking through your social media timeline reading all of the comments on different postings and articles in regards to claims about race and homosexuality among all other things.

When will we unite together and allow these small issues to be laid aside? There's truly a lot more important things we must achieve as a nation. If we continue the fight amongst ourselves and don't settle the smallest redundancy of issues; we will never be able to transform America into the United States as our founding fathers envisioned it to be. We have to begin to collaborate with each other to identify the things that are truly reversing all of our families and households away from achieving the American dream. We can adopt and learn from each other to address the real issues quicker rather than allow the media and government to dictate our lives.

What if we took a social microscope and really looked at what all Americans want? We will see more similarities than what's portrayed in the media and within the political party lines. No one in this country truly wants to be miserable. Therefore, just that single fact alone should be able to tie us together as we did when we denounced the rule of a king or queen, slavery, unfair treatment of our veterans, mass killings, terrorism and various other issues that once united us as a country. We can lift each other up without these different worries about race, sexual preference, religion, and other distracting outdated subtleties.

There is evil outside of this country and in our very own backyard that wants to destroy us. Unfortunately, we continue to help the enemy to defeat us faster. Something must be done. We must come to some conclusions on the way we think, act, and treat each other. Depressing it will be if countries that once looked to this country for leadership because of our strength as a nation of unique people; will surpass us and take over our dominance and leadership in the world. We can make America great again if we restore the power of its people and realize that we are all Americans.

Minister Dr. Marcus Hart
Author/Divinity Coach

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Became a Free Spirit and It's Your turn

I am Minister Dr. Marcus Hart, D.D. and to some I'm just Marcus. It is totally fine with me because it is my birth name. I must be honest that although I had a birth name, I honesty didn't know who I was or what or who I would be before my death came near. That confusion happen all throughout my school aged years through my early adulthood. At 17 years old I enlisted into the Army National Guard to create some type of identity for myself. Now at 29 and very quickly approaching 30 years old, I now know exactly who I am and why I was given life. This revelation begin to form almost 6 years ago when I made a drastic decision to become an entrepreneur. Now the things that happen between then and at this moment is on the record books and up for conversation at anytime.

Now I must say and warn you that I care nothing about the "rules of blogging" and "English writing". I am a free spirit and human person and I welcome your judgment and opinions because you have that power to do so. So why am I writing to you today might you ask? Great question! As many who know me or to you who is new to my blog and me personally may guess; it is something that I do for a career and offer to the world. I hate career titles and simply putting names on what I do. Let's just be broad about this for a moment as I share. I promise before you are done reading this blog that you will have the details. Hold tight now and continue reading because this is very important to me and for you to know.

Finally, to this reality and life I offer spiritual and mental transformation through direct guidance and mentorship on the platforms of: ministry, life coaching, literature, and media broadcasting. Now what the heck does that specifically means. This morning I had a Divine revelation and was lead to write the specifics to my audience. Below is a nicely writing outline to answer some questions and address any confusion:

A.) Why?

My goal is to help individuals be spiritually and mentally free from the "world" frustrations, systems, and influences to be able to make their own choices and decisions without feeling guilty or second guessing themselves.

B.) How did this come about?


I was always different growing up and was labeled as crazy, a nerd, soft, and ugly. Nobody respected anything I did or achieved. My father and the Army were my biggest critics. Oppression and being bullied created isolation and a confused identity. I had no focus or love of life because more haters outweighed the number of lovers I knew. Depression and anger ruled me until I was called specifically by God in the mist of the worst crisis of my life on 7 occasions (Lost faith, War, Near Death, Jail, Addiction, Business Failure and Loss of a Best Friend/Grandmother). I instantly achieved new spiritual and mental levels through connecting with a secret powerful positive energy that could only be found in a relationship with my inner child and Divine God.

I was changed forever in 2010. I begin breaking chains and separating myself from the average every year and moving closer to freedom. I focused more on my Divine mission and purpose. Any thought I had could easily be converted into an experience; a life lesson, wisdom, or opportunity. I mastered meditating on both a conscious and subconscious level. I prayed in normal conversations and the Divine God heard me clearly and answered. I now preach, teach, and motivate others to live free from influence and judgment to transform their lives daily by tapping into their own relationship with the Divine God and inner child.

C.) Who will benefit from what I do?

a.) Those suffer from sex addictions as a result of:

1. Early engagement in sexual activities

2. Rape, incense, molestation, and/or child enticement

3. Pornography enticement

b.) Entrepreneurs/Professionals who are:

1. Owners of new startups

2. Authors of biographies, empowerment or inspirational, erotica books

3. Network marketers

4. Door to Door sales

5. Health care professionals

6. Family therapists, counselors, or psychiatric professionals

7. Financial experts

8. Clergy and ministry

9. Engineers

10. Soul, neosoul, and jazz musicians

11. Painters, drawers, and related Art professionals

12. Teachers/Educators in Art and Music, English, and Sex education

13. Psychics, sensitives, and intuitives

14. Veterans or current active military personnel

c.) Those who suffer from gambling addictions

d.) Those who are victims of physical, emotional and verbal abuse as a result:

1. Workplace related (involving supervisor)

2. School related (involving teachers or peers)

3. Family related (involving a parent)

4. While serving in the military (involving someone in your chain of command)

e.) Soul and purpose seekers

f.) Those who suffer from chronic migraines or anxiety/panic attacks

D.) What is the goal of my program?


1. To help individuals finally release their stored anger, sadness, and irritation

2. To help individuals stop feeling guilty and confused about their true identity, thoughts, and fears

3. To help individuals stop shaming themselves and second guessing their conscience.

4. To help individuals finally hear their inner child and God

5. To help individuals differentiate between Divine signs and thoughts that are manifested

6. To help individuals meditate and pray in the way their spirit and energy vibrate with the universe

7. To help individuals manifest their deep desires, basic needs; and fullness of love, self respect, and peace.

8. To place individuals on the path of their Divine mission and purpose

9. To awaken and free individuals indefinitely from the system created by politics, human behavior, and self generated dark energy.

10. To heal individuals of their lack of control over: pain, panic attacks/anxiety, weight issues, tempers, self condemnation, unorganized thinking, compulsive sex and gambling, and shyness/introverted tendencies or lack of confidence.

11. Transformed behavior with ability to be removed from medications (if used) and comfort diets.

E.) What can my clients do after being healed?


1. Live free

2. Make mindful choices and be confident

3. Journey on their purpose/mission

4. Increase their incomes

5. Come out their comfort zone

6. Take action on great ideas

7. Create more great ideas

8. Teach and mentor others

9. Speak with less stutter and/or discomfort

10. Have a romantic relationship

11. Live in ultimate peace

12. Live happy

13. Have a career they love

14. Live healthy and stable

To get started or to refer someone, send them to my website at marcushartenterprises.com or email me at support@marcushartandassociates.com You can also leave a voicemail or text at 414-939-5777

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Starting Monday, February 8, 2016 I am offering my coaching services for $47 per month for 3 months and my mentoring services for $38 for 1 month and group coaching sessions for $29 per month for 3 months. This special offer is for all new clients only. Must visit my website at marcushartenterprises.com to sign up for the Free Course and then send a email requesting the special guidance offer.

Blessings peace and love.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa Citizens No Fool for Hype Politics

Iowa demonstrated what true voter turnout and full participation in a general election should look like. It wasn't as much the amount of registered voters that turned out which is apparent in the numbers after the final ballot. Regardless of who won in this caucus on either side it was something more striking to point out.

Do you know it or should we just dive to the answer? By analysis of the numbers and examining the tightness of the race it is easy to conclude that it wasn't as much the hype that the Iowa residences were sold on when it came down to picking the candidates they believe could do the job. Many Iowans revealed the importance of knowledge of the candidate's policies, track record, beliefs, values, and likability. The mere fact that Ted Cruz came out on top as even a bigger winner on the Republican side than Hilary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side; was very evident in the importance of authenticity, positive collectivism mindset, and transparency.

The Iowa citizens had done their homework and paid closer attention to each candidate as they canvassed through the state. This is something America as a whole has to get better at. Especially among low-income families and new voters. The call to action is that constitutes become better informed about politics and not just by all the hype. It's a cool thing to vote and participate in the decisions made by your government. But it's definitely not cool to go and vote uninformed and/or bamboozled by candidates, their cronies, the media, and pressure from those who only vote during general elections.

There will be more on this subject and others alike as we draw near to another caucus. Happy voting!


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Min. Dr. Marcus Hart
President, Marcus Hart Enterprises

Monday, February 1, 2016

Transform and Add Years to Your Life Now

Marcus Hart the Modern Transcendentalist teaches old techniques with a new enlighten twist

Davenport, Flordia - Death and taxes may be the surest thing in this world to expect. However, we can prolong the death date through the usual suggested and recommended cliches that we are all so familiar with. Just Google them and you will see the entire list of all the "experts" who believe they know better than you. But in this article we are zooming in our attention to a more close to home matter. It's closer than you think it is. Trust me you go to bed with it and wake it to carry it with you in your day to day activities. Are you following me closely now?

What if I told you that most of us are angry and frustrated a little more than we are stressed? It sounds very silly doesn't it? Because the anger and frustration are kind of what lead to stress, right? But they are actually a category of emotions and feelings that are created over time and bottled up. Yes new experiences and situations of life add to our anger and frustration, but most of it is, if not all of it, is actually unaddressed emotion than it is instant onset. Stress and lack of peace can delete almost over 16 years from your actual natural life span. Even a poor diet doesn't compare to how much years of longevity here on earth you lose more from the lack of inner peace. 

Marcus Hart has identified how much more natural and easy it can be to obtain inner peace and prolong your life now versus than the traditional ways. Traditional ways such as medicine, exercising, meditation/prayer, better diet/health, avoiding bad karma, etc. are simply suggested tools we can use, but they are not instant solutions to combat anger and frustration. Marcus doesn't suggest avoiding using these tools although they are not instant solutions. In Hart's observation and active use, he has discovered that the combination of all of these things can become effective over time, but like all things can become overused and numbing to the real problem. If you are seeking a more natural and holistic approach for anger and frustration to add as a supplement or as a stand alone healing treatment, then learn the 1 Step Longevity Reset tool that fights instantly against anger and frustration. 

Min. Dr. Marcus Hart, D.D. leads a one day virtual seminar on how to apply the "1 Step Longevity Reset" tool that you can attend in person, through a live broadcast, or by requesting to hear or watch one of the recordings. The first live seminar will broadcast Monday February 15, 2016 at 7:30 pm. For more information about this event including exclusive access details and cost, visit the Marcus Hart Enterprises Event page to sign up for a subscription for access.

Min. Dr. Marcus Hart is a Modern Transcendentalist guide/mentor, broadcast personality, and author. Visit his website for more information about events, programs, and services. 

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Iowa know Something Americans should know

Iowa know Something Americans should know

Are we less or lazy?

Transcendentalist Thinker

Iowa had a little over 56% voters who participated in a caucus before this year’s. These are great numbers in considering how many people truly believe that their power to influence the election this early is possible. I feel like it’s a state of more informed people and understanding that formal participation in government activities is how you put your foot down when you are exhausted from allowing leaders to abuse their authority. 

The move away from big government will be very evident in this year’s general election. The people have been oppressed too long and I don’t believe they’re going to allow it much longer. Those who are numb to the climate that has created over the years of just taking everything that is presented to you when soon be the individuals who be continuously drove into further poverty and/or frustration. Leaders who claim they have a sincere heart for their people in my view should do more to create dialogue on how to educate these hubs of uninformed voters and future voters. Very good for Iowa to show the rest of the country how it should be done.

Min. Dr. Marcus
Marcus Hart Enterprises

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