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Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Became a Free Spirit and It's Your turn

I am Minister Dr. Marcus Hart, D.D. and to some I'm just Marcus. It is totally fine with me because it is my birth name. I must be honest that although I had a birth name, I honesty didn't know who I was or what or who I would be before my death came near. That confusion happen all throughout my school aged years through my early adulthood. At 17 years old I enlisted into the Army National Guard to create some type of identity for myself. Now at 29 and very quickly approaching 30 years old, I now know exactly who I am and why I was given life. This revelation begin to form almost 6 years ago when I made a drastic decision to become an entrepreneur. Now the things that happen between then and at this moment is on the record books and up for conversation at anytime.

Now I must say and warn you that I care nothing about the "rules of blogging" and "English writing". I am a free spirit and human person and I welcome your judgment and opinions because you have that power to do so. So why am I writing to you today might you ask? Great question! As many who know me or to you who is new to my blog and me personally may guess; it is something that I do for a career and offer to the world. I hate career titles and simply putting names on what I do. Let's just be broad about this for a moment as I share. I promise before you are done reading this blog that you will have the details. Hold tight now and continue reading because this is very important to me and for you to know.

Finally, to this reality and life I offer spiritual and mental transformation through direct guidance and mentorship on the platforms of: ministry, life coaching, literature, and media broadcasting. Now what the heck does that specifically means. This morning I had a Divine revelation and was lead to write the specifics to my audience. Below is a nicely writing outline to answer some questions and address any confusion:

A.) Why?

My goal is to help individuals be spiritually and mentally free from the "world" frustrations, systems, and influences to be able to make their own choices and decisions without feeling guilty or second guessing themselves.

B.) How did this come about?


I was always different growing up and was labeled as crazy, a nerd, soft, and ugly. Nobody respected anything I did or achieved. My father and the Army were my biggest critics. Oppression and being bullied created isolation and a confused identity. I had no focus or love of life because more haters outweighed the number of lovers I knew. Depression and anger ruled me until I was called specifically by God in the mist of the worst crisis of my life on 7 occasions (Lost faith, War, Near Death, Jail, Addiction, Business Failure and Loss of a Best Friend/Grandmother). I instantly achieved new spiritual and mental levels through connecting with a secret powerful positive energy that could only be found in a relationship with my inner child and Divine God.

I was changed forever in 2010. I begin breaking chains and separating myself from the average every year and moving closer to freedom. I focused more on my Divine mission and purpose. Any thought I had could easily be converted into an experience; a life lesson, wisdom, or opportunity. I mastered meditating on both a conscious and subconscious level. I prayed in normal conversations and the Divine God heard me clearly and answered. I now preach, teach, and motivate others to live free from influence and judgment to transform their lives daily by tapping into their own relationship with the Divine God and inner child.

C.) Who will benefit from what I do?

a.) Those suffer from sex addictions as a result of:

1. Early engagement in sexual activities

2. Rape, incense, molestation, and/or child enticement

3. Pornography enticement

b.) Entrepreneurs/Professionals who are:

1. Owners of new startups

2. Authors of biographies, empowerment or inspirational, erotica books

3. Network marketers

4. Door to Door sales

5. Health care professionals

6. Family therapists, counselors, or psychiatric professionals

7. Financial experts

8. Clergy and ministry

9. Engineers

10. Soul, neosoul, and jazz musicians

11. Painters, drawers, and related Art professionals

12. Teachers/Educators in Art and Music, English, and Sex education

13. Psychics, sensitives, and intuitives

14. Veterans or current active military personnel

c.) Those who suffer from gambling addictions

d.) Those who are victims of physical, emotional and verbal abuse as a result:

1. Workplace related (involving supervisor)

2. School related (involving teachers or peers)

3. Family related (involving a parent)

4. While serving in the military (involving someone in your chain of command)

e.) Soul and purpose seekers

f.) Those who suffer from chronic migraines or anxiety/panic attacks

D.) What is the goal of my program?


1. To help individuals finally release their stored anger, sadness, and irritation

2. To help individuals stop feeling guilty and confused about their true identity, thoughts, and fears

3. To help individuals stop shaming themselves and second guessing their conscience.

4. To help individuals finally hear their inner child and God

5. To help individuals differentiate between Divine signs and thoughts that are manifested

6. To help individuals meditate and pray in the way their spirit and energy vibrate with the universe

7. To help individuals manifest their deep desires, basic needs; and fullness of love, self respect, and peace.

8. To place individuals on the path of their Divine mission and purpose

9. To awaken and free individuals indefinitely from the system created by politics, human behavior, and self generated dark energy.

10. To heal individuals of their lack of control over: pain, panic attacks/anxiety, weight issues, tempers, self condemnation, unorganized thinking, compulsive sex and gambling, and shyness/introverted tendencies or lack of confidence.

11. Transformed behavior with ability to be removed from medications (if used) and comfort diets.

E.) What can my clients do after being healed?


1. Live free

2. Make mindful choices and be confident

3. Journey on their purpose/mission

4. Increase their incomes

5. Come out their comfort zone

6. Take action on great ideas

7. Create more great ideas

8. Teach and mentor others

9. Speak with less stutter and/or discomfort

10. Have a romantic relationship

11. Live in ultimate peace

12. Live happy

13. Have a career they love

14. Live healthy and stable

To get started or to refer someone, send them to my website at marcushartenterprises.com or email me at support@marcushartandassociates.com You can also leave a voicemail or text at 414-939-5777

Special Offer
Starting Monday, February 8, 2016 I am offering my coaching services for $47 per month for 3 months and my mentoring services for $38 for 1 month and group coaching sessions for $29 per month for 3 months. This special offer is for all new clients only. Must visit my website at marcushartenterprises.com to sign up for the Free Course and then send a email requesting the special guidance offer.

Blessings peace and love.

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