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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa Citizens No Fool for Hype Politics

Iowa demonstrated what true voter turnout and full participation in a general election should look like. It wasn't as much the amount of registered voters that turned out which is apparent in the numbers after the final ballot. Regardless of who won in this caucus on either side it was something more striking to point out.

Do you know it or should we just dive to the answer? By analysis of the numbers and examining the tightness of the race it is easy to conclude that it wasn't as much the hype that the Iowa residences were sold on when it came down to picking the candidates they believe could do the job. Many Iowans revealed the importance of knowledge of the candidate's policies, track record, beliefs, values, and likability. The mere fact that Ted Cruz came out on top as even a bigger winner on the Republican side than Hilary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side; was very evident in the importance of authenticity, positive collectivism mindset, and transparency.

The Iowa citizens had done their homework and paid closer attention to each candidate as they canvassed through the state. This is something America as a whole has to get better at. Especially among low-income families and new voters. The call to action is that constitutes become better informed about politics and not just by all the hype. It's a cool thing to vote and participate in the decisions made by your government. But it's definitely not cool to go and vote uninformed and/or bamboozled by candidates, their cronies, the media, and pressure from those who only vote during general elections.

There will be more on this subject and others alike as we draw near to another caucus. Happy voting!


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