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Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa know Something Americans should know

Iowa know Something Americans should know

Are we less or lazy?

Transcendentalist Thinker

Iowa had a little over 56% voters who participated in a caucus before this year’s. These are great numbers in considering how many people truly believe that their power to influence the election this early is possible. I feel like it’s a state of more informed people and understanding that formal participation in government activities is how you put your foot down when you are exhausted from allowing leaders to abuse their authority. 

The move away from big government will be very evident in this year’s general election. The people have been oppressed too long and I don’t believe they’re going to allow it much longer. Those who are numb to the climate that has created over the years of just taking everything that is presented to you when soon be the individuals who be continuously drove into further poverty and/or frustration. Leaders who claim they have a sincere heart for their people in my view should do more to create dialogue on how to educate these hubs of uninformed voters and future voters. Very good for Iowa to show the rest of the country how it should be done.

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