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Monday, February 1, 2016

Transform and Add Years to Your Life Now

Marcus Hart the Modern Transcendentalist teaches old techniques with a new enlighten twist

Davenport, Flordia - Death and taxes may be the surest thing in this world to expect. However, we can prolong the death date through the usual suggested and recommended cliches that we are all so familiar with. Just Google them and you will see the entire list of all the "experts" who believe they know better than you. But in this article we are zooming in our attention to a more close to home matter. It's closer than you think it is. Trust me you go to bed with it and wake it to carry it with you in your day to day activities. Are you following me closely now?

What if I told you that most of us are angry and frustrated a little more than we are stressed? It sounds very silly doesn't it? Because the anger and frustration are kind of what lead to stress, right? But they are actually a category of emotions and feelings that are created over time and bottled up. Yes new experiences and situations of life add to our anger and frustration, but most of it is, if not all of it, is actually unaddressed emotion than it is instant onset. Stress and lack of peace can delete almost over 16 years from your actual natural life span. Even a poor diet doesn't compare to how much years of longevity here on earth you lose more from the lack of inner peace. 

Marcus Hart has identified how much more natural and easy it can be to obtain inner peace and prolong your life now versus than the traditional ways. Traditional ways such as medicine, exercising, meditation/prayer, better diet/health, avoiding bad karma, etc. are simply suggested tools we can use, but they are not instant solutions to combat anger and frustration. Marcus doesn't suggest avoiding using these tools although they are not instant solutions. In Hart's observation and active use, he has discovered that the combination of all of these things can become effective over time, but like all things can become overused and numbing to the real problem. If you are seeking a more natural and holistic approach for anger and frustration to add as a supplement or as a stand alone healing treatment, then learn the 1 Step Longevity Reset tool that fights instantly against anger and frustration. 

Min. Dr. Marcus Hart, D.D. leads a one day virtual seminar on how to apply the "1 Step Longevity Reset" tool that you can attend in person, through a live broadcast, or by requesting to hear or watch one of the recordings. The first live seminar will broadcast Monday February 15, 2016 at 7:30 pm. For more information about this event including exclusive access details and cost, visit the Marcus Hart Enterprises Event page to sign up for a subscription for access.

Min. Dr. Marcus Hart is a Modern Transcendentalist guide/mentor, broadcast personality, and author. Visit his website for more information about events, programs, and services. 

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