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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Was it Only a Halftime Show?

Homosexuality, racial equality for Blacks, and all other claims of subliminal politics during the halftime show? It seems no one enjoyed the entertainment part of the show. We are being led and tempted to ask questions from simply watching a traditional part of the American sport of football. What was it exactly being promoted during the halftime show?

It is becoming very obvious with even the most enjoyable parts of our shared American culture, that this country has began to become completely divided on different various issues. Especially in regards to human rights and justice. It's kind of sickening just sitting back and looking through your social media timeline reading all of the comments on different postings and articles in regards to claims about race and homosexuality among all other things.

When will we unite together and allow these small issues to be laid aside? There's truly a lot more important things we must achieve as a nation. If we continue the fight amongst ourselves and don't settle the smallest redundancy of issues; we will never be able to transform America into the United States as our founding fathers envisioned it to be. We have to begin to collaborate with each other to identify the things that are truly reversing all of our families and households away from achieving the American dream. We can adopt and learn from each other to address the real issues quicker rather than allow the media and government to dictate our lives.

What if we took a social microscope and really looked at what all Americans want? We will see more similarities than what's portrayed in the media and within the political party lines. No one in this country truly wants to be miserable. Therefore, just that single fact alone should be able to tie us together as we did when we denounced the rule of a king or queen, slavery, unfair treatment of our veterans, mass killings, terrorism and various other issues that once united us as a country. We can lift each other up without these different worries about race, sexual preference, religion, and other distracting outdated subtleties.

There is evil outside of this country and in our very own backyard that wants to destroy us. Unfortunately, we continue to help the enemy to defeat us faster. Something must be done. We must come to some conclusions on the way we think, act, and treat each other. Depressing it will be if countries that once looked to this country for leadership because of our strength as a nation of unique people; will surpass us and take over our dominance and leadership in the world. We can make America great again if we restore the power of its people and realize that we are all Americans.

Minister Dr. Marcus Hart
Author/Divinity Coach

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