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Thursday, December 22, 2016

One reason we always fall behind

 "If you don’t have a vision for your future you will always return to your past."

We can easily become very delayed in advancing in our life's mission and purpose when we are constantly procrastinating or allowing distractions to make our natural creative nature to envision the glimpse of what we want our future to look like. We must allow ourselves to take a seat at the table and begin to map out the next day as a start. Once we make it a habit to map out a day ahead we can try to map out an entire week. With practice and dedication we will eventually be able to map out months and years. 

It doesn't have to be anything extra perfect nor systematic. Our thoughts can draw better conclusions when it is forced to collaborate with our the desires and passions of our hearts. The magic begins once we exercise the power within ourselves to maximize and magnify the very things our soul already quenches to do while it is contracted to the human shells we dwell in during this reality. Rally to be great. Think possible and be possible while you are still here.
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