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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A few secrets of being more charismatic

Let’s immediately clear the air and be completely honest here. Read the following next line closely. 

There is no way to fake the natural personality and talent of being charismatic. You are either born with this magic and ability or you have to learn intensely and earn this great blessing.

This requires a dire state of being able to maintain a high level of energy and positivism. 
The individual must also have a healthy and recognizable optimistic nature, rather that be felt consciously or subconsciously. When you are around this type of person you are instantly fallen victim to their contiguous happiness and smile. Their smile is worn easily because their focus is on a higher source and bigger picture of life itself. They are God, of God, and connected with God constantly. Even in their rare occasions of sadness you are naturally drawn to them. In this video I talk being able to have such type of focus that it creates upwards trends in your life (CLICK HERE TO WATCH)
These secrets are very brief and I have a lot more that I could share.

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