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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Forgive in 2017 for Success in 2018

Forgiveness is the key to being able to have a more likely and higher chance of success in the upcoming year of 2018. If you decide not to forgive yourself and others in the current year of 2017 you will continue the same cycle of issues. This will push you further from being able to take full advantage of the grace and mercy that we have been blessed with.

I woke up this morning to a text from my son's mother that said "pussy". She was calling me out of my name because she felt as if I was ignoring her which wasn't the case. Rather than instantly develop of mindset of being vengeful and malicious, I instantly forgave her before even talking to her. I wanted to understand why she would say that and if it was a mistake or poor choice of words. I also wanted to be able to bring peace and love into the conversation while also explaining why I feel use of name calling is disrespectful and not productive to our moving forward.

This is practice of forgiveness is the same grace and mercy that we are given endlessly in our life. We have an unlimited supply of forgiveness to tap into. If it doesn't pose a direct threat to our lives or ability to progress we should always be ready to forgive.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Does Inner Peace or Suffering Equal Enlightenment?

Inner peace is not an end goal or objective. For this matter it is a necessity after one has faced and allowed the worst of the worst suffering to occur and run it's respective course. The suffering can be only a lesson and human experience that opens up our consciousness to exercise will and choice of the next way in the path of divine light. Our paths for our souls are predestined and curved for us but our moments and the ‘now’ within this reality are what we use to draw us closer to our rightful purpose and mission. Our peace is reached when we no longer desire or rely on what we see, feel, taste, or hear to comfort us from the anxiety and scarcity caused from lack of confronting the past or being patient with the future. 

Enlightenment can't be present if we haven't suffered and reflected and transmuted it into peace. But many are granted their way towards it uniquely. Our corrupted nature must die daily without thought and we must adopt a way of simply being and freely flowing energy beings. Enlightenment is personalized and there is no right or wrong way. You must learn what are your divine truths and reflect, meditate, and surrender your will to the path of light and love.

Blessings, peace, and love.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Discerning the Ego and Enlightenment

The ego can only take you so far before it blows up in your face and shames you. Discernment is felt as a burn either in the bottom of the heart or deep behind the stomach where our souls are hiding.

Enlightenment isn't an one-time event but rather a journey that has its high peaks of most felt levels of awareness and spiritual quickening. We must constantly allow ourselves to be tested and refine our understanding of truth so that it is purely derieved from our divine nature.

Therefore, utilizing discernment during these times of testing and refinement will help you arrive to distinguishing of ego and enlightenment.

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