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Friday, March 23, 2018

How do we deal with sin?

Early this morning at a local Greek family restaurant after having a meal with my sister, I decided to snap a picture of myself. The background was nice! I loved the flow of water and artificial tree that was illuminated with lights. It reminded me of how beautiful simple arrangements can make all the difference.

Once I got home I read a daily bible devotion that is emailed to me. It was about sin and considering the selfie moment I had I decided to place my own short spin and add to what I read.

On a deeper level, simple arrangements of the mind can help you defeat your worry about faults, mistakes, and terrible temptations we fall victim too. In my own life, I have succumb to urges to react aggressively against myself and others. I used and abused the devices of using swear words to hurt people who hurt me, money, sex, and violence. When my deeply rooted faith returned to me while serving a 6 month jail sentence after violating probation, I became illuminated as the tree in the background of the picture I snapped this morning. I allowed the flow of the living water from the wisdom and teachings of Jesus Christ to quench the thirst of my natural and spiritual body. I no longer wanted to surrender my dignity, reputation, and spiritual growth. I do not write in a religious way, but in the way as a theologian, spiritual being, and adviser. Use your best imagination in the passages that follow. 

I transformed and learned how to deal with sin. So how do we deal with sin? Jesus teaches that love and forgiveness is the therapy of realizing and accepting your mistakes. However, constant death and transformation of the body, mind, and heart must occur. We must rid ourselves of the attraction to temptations that lead to sin (which is ultimately a fall off your spiritual path). Our deep and private desires can often be representatives of our intentions. If our intentions are dark; our motivates are harmful and our actions are deadly. Love and forgiveness can't co-exist inside such a tainted heart. But the mind can learn or be reminded of what love and forgiveness is to change the heart so that the soul may be lifted and illuminated. This is why the body glows when a person is so much positively ignited.

The Divine God gave us Jesus who knew that the mission to live a higher conscious life and die a martyr for all God's children was the ultimate way to defeat the consequences of sin. He sacrificed himself on a cross so that everyone would be live to righteousness. His death was also our death if believe in him and the promise of God to redeem all of his people. 

Well how is this possible and how does it work to save me from sin? It is very simple if you allow yourself to think, meditate, and place the idea in your thoughts that you and your sins that with Jesus on the cross and you were freed to live to righteousness.

What is your righteousness and what bondage were you removed from? This means you are now justified and good. You are now a person in pursuit of a virtuous life where you are conscious to this reality and able to dwell in it at root of who you are in your highest state. Your life is one of duality, where you are here physically but also dead because you live in the spirit. You were freed from the prison of your flesh which is weak to the evils of temptation and misguided thoughts that taint your intention; in which flaws your character and darken your heart.

How can I truly deal with temptation? When temptation arise consider yourself dead. If the temptation doesn't complement the new spiritual journey and path you are on, or if it doesn't serve your higher self, then surely be dead to it. Dead so that your spiritual self counsels with the Spirit of the Divine God for guidance and strength.

What if I still fail or fall? If you fail or fall, then place this all of this back into remembrance that you died with Jesus on the cross and was freed to live to righteousness. Then reset, reboot, and die again to your flesh so you may transform and continue to advance in the spirit.

You are forgiven, you are loved despite your faults, shortcomings, and falls off of your path. It all works out in the end. I believe this for everybody because it all works out in the end. 

Dr. Marcus Hart

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